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Komeer for Schools


Covid-19 – Help with communications for Schools reopening

In our recent webinar we covered the topics below.

Agenda will include:
1. Communication Strategy to protect Staff and Students
2. Preparation, Templates and Contingency
3. Message Consistency, Repetition and Engagement
4. Tackling the Covid-19 Social Media Noise and Misinformation with trusted and verified Alerts

Covid-19 Free Alerts Service Template 

We have created a template for the Covid-19 Free Alerts Group which is available on your dashboard. We advise that you send this alert out to all parents/students for them to join the group. This will keep them informed with trusted and verified content.

To access the template simply create a new alert, at the top click ‘Choose Template‘ and look for ‘Covid-19 Free Alerts Service‘. The template will have the instructions for the parents to join the group.

You can Book a Demo and see how Komeer can save your school up to 85% on communication costs, create events, collect payments and much more.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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