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Komeer Payments

Komeer Payments Has Arrived!

Communications, Events and Payments

all in one place..…

Introducing Komeer Payments Service, a unified Communications and Payments  platform. An easy way to collect payments with full reports and transaction history!

Say goodbye to separate Payments and Texting systems.


Komeer Payments Main

Simple, Fast and No Fuss!


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Benefits of using Komeer Payments


  • Secure payments – Manage collections for school, clubs and creche fees.
  • Money collected by Stripe then transferred to a nominated Bank Account.
  • Komeer can process Cash and Cheque payments.
  • Balances and transactions can be viewed in real time reporting.
  • Third Party payments received into nominated Stripe Account.
  • Full Transparency with Reports and Audit Trail.
  • Payments accepted by App or via Web.
  • Child Centric Communications and Payments
  • Full 360 Communications: App, Email, SMS, Web
  • Third Party Payment Processing
Even more benefits
  • Payments collected via ‘Stripe’ highest level of security protection PC1 (Level 1)
  • Payments can be made by Cash, Card, Cheque 
  • Process Refunds
  • Reduce Administration costs
  • Improves security – No more cash on school premises
  • Request payments when due for payment
  • Easy to Implement
  • Increase school revenue by collecting payments on time
  • Receipts – School Name, Student reference ID, Name of payer, Date/amount, Outstanding balance owed
  • Duplicate payments – Eliminates overpaying by both parents
Open alert Payment
360 Payments Komeer

Payments Made Easy

  1. Pay by App
  2. Pay by Email
  3. Pay by Web App
  4. Pay by Cash
  5. Pay by Cheque
  6. Pay by Direct Debit



Third Party Payments Processing

No more handling third party money!
If you have planned a trip for your school, you can add the tour operators Stripe account, which means you do not have to handle any third party cash as it will go directly to the tour operator. In addition, this will increase safety with no money being held at your school and reduce administration time.
You can add and remove accounts as you wish.

Third Party Payments3

Reports and Transactions


Full Transparency with Reports and an Audit Trail


Balances and transactions can be viewed in real-time reporting.

Reports will show transactions, refunds and lodgements. 

Specific reports – class groups, Individual students/parents.

View payments by method – Card, Cash or Cheque.



Payments Komeer-Recovered

View all transactions of Payment Alerts

View Transactions Reports

View all transactions for individual users

Individual Users Reports

View all Pay-outs and money available



In a Nutshell!



Simple, Fast, Secure and No Fuss!

  1. Receive alert
  2. Pay Now
  3. Enter Card Details
  4. Confirm Payment
  5. Receive a Receipt
  6. View Payment History

Money is transferred to the school Stripe account.



App Payments with Komeer

See how easy it is to setup your Stripe account and send your first Payment Alert